There Is A High-Quality Road Bike shop In singapore

There are high-quality bike shops in Singapore for those who are biking enthusiasts or are trying to save travel money and be good to the environment at the same time they are getting healthy exercise. Bike Avenue is a premier road bike shop in Singapore where the owners and employees are all passionate about bikes and bike riding. Customers can go there to purchase just the right bike and also get lots of helpful information on bike riding. It is good to shop at a bike store that is regularly introducing new, innovative bike products and accessories.


When customers decide to purchase a bike to ride to work, they may require a different bike than if they were going to use it for recreational riding on off-road trails and mountain trails. If the customer is planning to ride the bike in races, yet a different bike might be required. A good bike store will have knowledgeable employees to guide the customer to the bike that will be best for their needs. Some people will need several different bikes for different uses. Others will want a dual purpose bike they can use for all their riding experiences. Before a person decides to buy a road bike from Bike Avenue in Singapore, they should look at all types of bikes.

Different Bike Types For different Uses

The Road bike. Road bikes for sale in Singapore are lighter weight with a thinner profile. They are built for speed on paved roads and streets, more than for rider comfort. These bikes are designed to be aerodynamically perfect for use on paved roads. They are good for all levels of bike riders and their skill sets. It is a good idea to try several of these bikes out to find the one with a comfortable fit. These bikes have thinner wheels for more speed. A Singapore road bike shop can help customers choose the best bike.

The Mountain Bike. Mountain bikes have bigger, wider wheels to help them safely handle rough trails with bumps, rocks, and uneven terrain. they are built sturdier for riding off the beaten paths. They have better braking systems and shock absorption functions for easier handling. The Hardtail bikes in this category are built to be safe for both paved and unpaved surfaces so they are a good choice for a person wanting only one bike for both uses.

Hybrid Bikes. These bikes are designed for leisure riders and those using bikes to commute. They give the bike owner the best of both worlds with upright seats, more comfort, and larger tires allowing them to be used both on paved and unpaved trails.

Cyclo Cross Bikes. These bikes are for bike racing enthusiasts. they are light weight, but sturdy enough to handle extreme conditions.

Foldable Bikes. These bikes fold for easier transporting and storage. They are both sturdy and lightweight.

The road bike shop can help every bike rider get the perfect bike. For more information, visit the website.

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